Business Plan

Using various analysis tools, we can conduct external and internal analysis which are summarized in the SWOT analysis. Our report format will be adjusted to fulfill client objective and needs, such as proposal for loan submission, Corporate Plan, and Budgeting.

Shares Valuation

To value client’s business, we will carefully select the most suitable method ( assets approach , income approach , or market approach ) and thoroughly analyze the financial structures as well as adjust assets that affect value to determine the fair value of the share.

Risk Management

We able to provide a systematic analysis on the degree of risks associated to a business or a project, in which the result is used to help management in the decision making.

Accounting & Management Information System

We help client design an efficient financial as well as operational system and procedure without sacrificing the importance of management control system. We also help client select the right software for the implementation of the accounting information system.

Value for Money

Also called Management Audit, where we are able to help client review the whole or some part of the operational function of the management performance, such as procurement function, production function, marketing function, financial function, personnel function, and management function. The audit that we do has the objective to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy (3E) of a program. We are also able to conduct the audit according to the standard set by the Supreme Auditor (BPK).

Strategic Diagnostic

Using analytical tools such as Balanced Scorecard, Economic Value Added (EVA), and DuPont Formula, we help client diagnose their operational environment and focusing the analysis on strategic issues.

Economics & Industry Studies

We help client conduct analytical review on economic conditions or specific industry sectors, and make macro economics projection to be used in long term planning as well as the short term, business potential, and country report.