General Audit / Financial Audit

Using the Public Accountants Professional Standards (SPAP), we are able to give an independent opinion on the fairness of the financial report presentation according to the Statement of Financial Accounting Standard (PSAK) issued by Indonesian Institute of Accountants or other generally accepted accounting practices.

Special Investigation

We are able to conduct special investigation to any possibility of misused, fraud or corruption that already happened, and help to prepare necessary documents needed in the investigation of the fraud by police or court.

Compliance Audit

We can help client identify whether the company or specific organization has complied to the laws, regulations, terms of contract agreement, internal control system, and specific requirements applied to either public sector or commercial firms.

Cash Monitoring

Upon an agreed procedures, we can help bank to monitor cash flow of its debtor, once the loan restructuring agreement has been made. The monitoring process involve periodic reporting to the bank in weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


Base on the agreed procedure, we can give a summary on the accuracy of a statement made by other party. Among this is to measure effectiveness of the company’s internal control, debtor obedience to the terms on the loan agreement or loan restructuring, conduct review on Management Analysis and Discussion required by BAPEPAM, and peer review of Bank Internal Audit which is required by Bank Indonesia.

Due Diligence

We help client to conduct due diligence or a review on the accuracy of data presented, which is not only financial data, but also legal and operational data. We also determine the materiality of fairness of the value stated in the financial report.

Budgeting Review

Through careful examination, we help client review the process of budgeting, control of the implementation, and analysis of any deviation to the budget, also give recommendation for improvement for the next budgeting period.